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Competition 10 Mix

An oat-free, high fiber, performance muesli for balanced and focused performance

  • Product Information



    • Energy levels in an oat-free format  
    • Performance and recovery   
    • Muscle and topline  
    • Condition and shine 
    • Bone strength and integrity  




    • Oat-free formulation  
    • High in oil for extra condition and shine  
    • High in easily digestible fibers, including alfalfa chaff 
    • Source of quality protein and essential amino acids  
    • Includes RED MILLS Pro Balance vitamin and mineral package 
    • Added antioxidants including vitamin-E and selenium  
    • Contains electrolytes 


    Ideal For

    • Horses requiring an oat-free diet
    • Horses requiring controlled energy release  
    • Horses in moderate to hard work 
    • Horses that travel and compete on a regular basis

      Analytical Constituents

    • Crude Protein
      minimum 8.75%
    • Crude Fat
      minimum 6%
    • Crude Fiber
      maximum 12.5%
    • Calcium
      minimum 0.9%
    • Calcium
      maximum 1.3%
    • Phosphorus
      minimum 0.35%
    • Copper
      minimum 48 ppm
    • Selenium
      minimum 0.3 ppm
    • Zinc
      minimum 144 ppm
    • Vitamin A
      minimum 4900 IU/LB
  • Feeding Directions: Competition 10 Mix is a complementary feed for horses and ponies to be fed with forage, fresh water and free-choice salt.

    Feeding guidelines are intended as a guideline only. Horses should be fed according to bodyweight, condition and workload. For further advice please contact one of our nutritional experts.

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